Lie to Me Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set

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No polygraph, no conclusive evidence, even without sound, in most cases he can determine a person lying or not just by subtle changes in the expression. This is Dr. Carl • Letterman’s (Tim Roth ornaments) superior skills in Lie to Me Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set .

Dr. Letterman works for a private institution, which specializes in micro-expression research. Its judgments are absolute authority. When the FBI, police or private institution encountered outstanding issues, it is a good time for Dr. Lightman and his team to show its mettle. By virtue of their experiences and cautious style, they disclose lies one after another. The truth will be restored. In front of them, liars have nowhere to hide. What’s more, the film is based on a true story.

"Truth or happiness, never both". When I saw this sentence in the first episode said by Tim Roth, my heart was broken. This sentence summed up the tragedy of life. In order to get rid of the tragedy, many people are willing to deceive, also many people lie for their own happiness. If you are always honest in life, it is actually quite cruel, but no crueler than you still force yourself to believe even though you know it is not true, just like the suffering of the hero in X FILE: I want to believe.

Some people say that this film is based on the U.S. and Europe. They always expressiveness and have a lot of body languages, thus they can not be used as the reference of Lie to Me Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set. But in fact, this film still has a large number of scientific bases. Fox example, when people recall when or when they make up answers, their eyes will look up in different directions because thoughts and memories are governed by different hemispheres management. And so on, repeat the answer is lying completely evidently. You can see these in the psychology textbook. These details are common humanity.

As the saying goes, there are one thousand people in the eyes of Harry Potter. No matter how you look at this U.S. drama, for some to lies, you still need some wisdom to believe. I want to believe Lie to Me DVD Box Set.